Our company

Enhanced decor. More privacy. Better lighting control. Dastex window coverings live up to their promises. For a perfect balance, we use only natural wood, an inspiring and warm material. Our vast line of products, which includes shutters, blinds, shades and sliding doors, indicate attention to detail and good taste.

In 1999, Pierre Langlois and Céline Garneau made their dream of becoming entrepreneurs come true and founded Dastex. Ever since, Dastex has become a leader of the high-end, custom window-treatment market for 100% Quebec products. The key to our success: putting quality first and giving our customers exactly what they want. Our line of shutters, blinds, shades and sliding doors has evolved along with the trends. We owe our reputation to the talent and overflowing creativity of our artisans. Dastex transcended being a business and became a great family adventure. Today, all three Langlois-Garneau children contribute their energy and carry on our vision to innovate. At Dastex, innovation is in our blood.